The sea is not only about sand, tender sun and boating. It’s also an advertisement on a branded parasols and sun loungers, changing rooms (city-format 1.2*1.8m), lamp posts with light boxes along waterfronts. An integral part of the resort service - effective carriers of direct advertising. In addition, it is an excellent platform for a variety of activities at a beach - street promo, sampling, giveaways, parties, concerts. If you need a truly effective advertising on the Sochi Black Sea Coast, contact us. APRIORI, true Advertising Agency of Sochi, is here to make it happen.


A changing room is a simple but functional structure. Design features are subject to an individual requirements of each beach area. Shower stalls and massage tents are also among the objects of direct advertising.


Peculiar elements on the lamp posts with light boxes along the waterfront are all the same format. Advertisement on it is perceived naturally, looks aesthetically pleasing and gives only positive mood.


The beach is a popular holiday destination. The same applies to the promenade areas of the waterfront where the speed of resort life does not cease, day or night. Promotional beach - one type of services that the company offers.


The territory of the city beach is a public place, with its own rules and regulations. To organize any beach event - promo, parties, shows – you need to take care of booking to arrange all activities without any hesitation.


Every day we act to promote a variety of advertisers. We find new ways and solutions. Standard rules and ordinary principles in advertising are just a reminder of the past. We are a tandem of professionals with an inexhaustible energy.
The activity of the company is unique.
You get not just advertising here but a part of true life, the life without stress, working days or any troubles.
Summer and the sea are faithful companions of our past and upcoming projects.
Everybody is happy to deal with us and having met once nobody wants to say goodbye. The reason is that we are not just an advertising agency we are APRIORI.

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Pepsi, MTS, Gillette, Nivea, Major League, Nizhfarm, Old Spice, HeadHunter... These brands are our advertisers who care about their business, sea, life as we do. When views coincide each advertising campaign becomes effective and not just image-based. Partners of APRIORI are federal and local companies that have placed their advertising at the beaches at least once. All of them have already appreciated the effectiveness of such advertising. We invite you to take a little trip to the beaches of the Black Sea where is always a bright sun, the wash, and could not have come at a better time – APRIORI’s changing rooms and shower stalls. For the past seasons, our designs gave a sense of a wide variety of advertising stories, became the best friends of tourists and just an integral part of the coast.

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