Clichés and commonness in advertisement are in the past!

Only effective solutions are successful so they have to be outstanding. Time and place are playing an important role. Sea - Mountains - Beach - Summer - this is our professional area and the prospective formula for the best advertising.


The sea is not only the sand, warm sun and yachting. It is also the advertisements on branded umbrellas and loungers, dressing units, light boxes and displays on light poles along the esplanades. Essential part of resort's services is an effective placement of direct advertisements. As well it is a perfect ground for the different beach events such as street promotions, samplings, prize drawings, concerts, parties.


A dressing unit is a simple but functional construction. Design features reflect individual requirements of each beach layout. Shower and massage units may also serve as direct advertising objects.


Unique same-style elements on the light poles along the esplanades. Ads on the displays look esthetic, natural and give only positive impression.


Beach is a very popular resort place. It also refers to the walking areas of esplanades where the life is at its highest for 24/7. Promotion at the beach is one of our services.


City beach is a public establishment with its rules and regime. For the organization of beach event (promo, party, show) you need to book in advance. It will help you to have no worries during the event.


We create genuine advertisements. We speak in modern language about the system of values and perceptions. We have the generous platform for creativity. Such ad is a useful companion of workday and weekends, days and nights, on the shore and high in the mountains. It is qualitative standard of today’s reality and not an infoglut. Kind or strict, funny of fancy, upstart or general, it can be very different. Ads that give instead of taking, give easily, positive, with its character, via the contract of “black and white”. And which is offering something which is better than yesterday.


For 7 years we have been showing the high quality of our services of placing ads on dressing and shower units, light pole displays and umbrellas. We create beach and street promos, hold samplings, full-cycle open-air parties and much more. We do not offer formal organization of advertising events. Control, attention to the smallest details of each project is the essential part of our work.

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